Outside Area: THIS AREA IS OPEN 2PM TIL 10PM (for music)
2:00-3:00 – Dr.Mario – Dubstep
3:00-4:00 – Kappa – Electro House
4:00-5:00 – Dunjin AKA Mr. Plow – Classic Rock
5:00-6:00 – DJ Reverence – Funky House
6:00-7:00 – DJ Freeze – Dark&Dirty Electro House
7:00-8:00 – Mizeyesis – Ol’ Skool Ragga Jungle
8:00-9:00 – TCC – Drum & Bass
9:00-close – Stephon Soull – ?

2:00-3:30 – Rx Reference – Drum & Bass
3:30-4:30 – Dom Digital – Trance Breaks
4:30-5:30 – Chananagains – Happy Hardcore
5:30-7:00 – Valdee & SkyOne – DrumStep/Drum & Bass
7:00-8:00 – Dub Puppies Filthy Drum & Dub
8:00-9:00 – Bob Barker – Electro House
9:00-10:00 – Twist Of Fate – UK Hardcore
10:00-11:00 – Gyle – Ol’ Skool Booty House
11:00-12:00 – Elzwerth – Epic
12:00-close – Gargamel – The Neuro Funk Punk =)


¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·☆
$10.00 – 2:00pm -5:00pm
$15.00 – 5:00pm – CLOSE

18+ To party RESPONSIBLY!!!!
21+ To drink
R.O.A.R. AT THE DOOR (Right of Admission Reserved)




LIGHTING BY: $howcase Sound & Lights


..::♫ ♫ ♫ SANTA’S SOUND SELECTA LIST ♫ ♫ ♫::..

♫ ♫ ♫ STEPHON SOULL – Soull Musik – CT./R.I.

Storming from the salty shores of Rhode Island Stephon Soull began his studies of controlling the turntables in the Early 90′s at a hip hop record shop/studio and DJing for various MC’s. Over the years Soull has gained aknowledgement for his Creative Style of Mixing, Clever blends of Instrumental’s with Accapella’s, and his Quality selections of tracks. These elements would have Soull continuously making appearances at shows and contests throughout the east coast. In the Mid-90′s Soull found the underground nightlife and the sounds of Electronic Dance Music and started experimenting with mixtures of Techno-House, Funky Nu-skool Breaks, and Drum & Bass. Since the millenium Soull continues to represent himself on the decks while delivering his “Battalion of Beats” to keep those positive vibes groovin at every session =)


♫ ♫ ♫ DJ GARGAMEL – Soull Musik, Operation Breakbeat – CT

Straight out of Hard Hittin’ New Britain, Gargamel is no stranger to the local EDM scene and his name should be synonimous with Drum and Bass.. Being a DnB junky it’s the only genre he’s been dedicated to in his 9 years of DJing, perfecting his mixing style along the way.. In that time he’s brought the toughest tracks to countless dance floors around New England.. Including the legendary Municipal Café and at parties such as Revelation 5, Who Needs Miami?, Bizarro, etc.. The list goes on and on!!. Always on point and never disappointing, Gargamel’s a DJ that’s not to be missed.. Almost constantly mixing, his sets are garuanteed to keep it moving.. Playing nothing but high energy Neurofunk, he’ll make the walls shake and your feet ache!!. There’s a reason why he calls himself “The Neurofunk Punk”.. You’re just going to have to see, but more importantly.. HEAR for yourselves!!!

(Listen to Dj Gargamel here)


♫ ♫ ♫ DJ DR.MARIO – Soull Musik – MA.

Starting to come out into the world of EDM, Dr.Mario has been mixing DnB, Drumstep & DnB for about a year now. Playing various mixes that include video game and movie sounds/soundtracks, Dr.Mario is rocking the dancefloor. Dr.Mario plays mainly on CD-Js and contollers, but will always love the vinyl records. Get ready for a nice treat that will fill up and vibrate your earholes!!!


♫ ♫ ♫ ELZWERTH – Threshold Sound, bmc, CT.

Elzwerth is connecticut’s drum&bass swiss army knife. with a track for any scenario, he drops old into new and vice versa, ripping through the boundaries of dnb, jungle, drumstep, neuro and more. with an aim on being a dj’s dj, he is as much fun to watch as he is to hear. getting his start in 1999, elzwerth has kept a sort of street sound that calls back to his younger days as a graffiti writer and hip hop fanatic. with a focus on creative mixing, scratching and fader work the energy never stops being pumped into his sets. when elzwerth and his long time partner in grime symetrex were offered an opening slot at a threshold event, the two brought their A-game and were immediately welcomed into the crew before they even stepped off stage. since then, they have become two of most dedicated and respected dj’s in the threshold sound camp.

Aside from creating and co-hosting the monthly edm event midgar and throwing the free events known as stone soup to support a local venue, his sounds have more recently entertained crowds at tight crew’s nightmare before christmas, the neba/threshold collab of give thanks, party animals, bizarro, dubbage, reload and dance for a year and have seen him sharing the bill with such greats as R.A.W. aka 6blocc, luna c, downlink, noah d and the legendary remarc. with an ever evolving style, elzwerth keeps the lighters in the air every time.

(Listen to Elzwerth here)


♫ ♫ ♫ MIZEYESIS – Threshold Sound, Hipstep Massive,, Basscamp Recordings NYC, Awake, DNBC, Team Ewok, NERU – CT.
-Old Skool Jungle-Ragga-

Since 2004, Mizeyesis has made her mark on Eastern US EDM (Electronic Dance Music) circuit. Throughout most of her life she was a classically trained professional dancer, musician and artist before discovering the underground EDM scene in the 90′s and immersing herself in the culture. In addition to being co-creator and resident of THRESHOLD related events, Mizeyesis has gone on to become a member of Hipstep Massive LLC, a worldwide chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation who’s mission is to educate the mainstream about the origins and culture of electronic dance music as it relates to Hip Hop as a whole; Awake Productions based out of Connecticut; Team Ewok, DNBC and Basscamp Recordings based out of New York; and NERU based out of Maine. Beginning this summer Mizeyesis will have her own show on the world renowned and will be a featured dj on Boombox Radio. In addition to being known for spinning & supporting jungle, drum and bass, you can catch her dropping dubstep, grime, uk funky, house & other sounds associated with her love of breakbeat & bass culture at various shows not just in Connecticut & New England but the East Coast as well. Mizeyesis style is a yin/yang blend of soulful intellegence mixed with dancefloor fury, insuring that not only good music is being played but dancing is happening on the dancefloor.


♫ ♫ ♫ TCC -Threshold, M.A.D.E. Productions, 761 Productions, LTD, Contact Fly – CT.
Drum n Bass – Jungle – House – Breakbeats

RIDONKULOUS… The only word that can describe Wally a.k.a. T.C.C.’s passionate love for music. His early exposure to Zeppelin and Floyd developed his love for rock jams as a child, but after listening to DJ Starscream mix jungle live with death metal band Slipknot did Wally first fall in love with the amen break. Eons later, T.C.C.’s unique style has swept the East Coast, and nothing has stopped him from spreading his sound like wildfire.

Although he stays true to his love for jungle and drum and bass, almost anything can be heard in his multi genre and diverse selection of records.

T.C.C. has been featured alongside many artists, such as Shortee, Freaky Flow, Terry Mullan, Hive, Venom, Delirium, Tech Itch, Dinco of Leaders of the New School, and TC Izlam. Wally’s collaboration with his friends and family has made parties such as the Revelation and Forest Bump series to be well recognized all around New England. With his high energy sets, quick mixing, and intricate cuts, this selecta can only promise nothing but raging times and always provides his service… with a smile.


♫ ♫ ♫ TWIST OF FATE – Make Believe, White Noise HQ, One 2 Watch -N.H.
-Hardcore-UK Harcore-

Twist of fate has been around the scene for a little over a decade. Having a love and a passion for music he began djing in 2002. since then he has gone to open up for such artists as Luna-c, Cruze, Emperess, Numbanin6, shimon,evol intent,dara,porter robinson, donald glaude, kill the noise, treasure fingerz, dread,farace, venom, odi, and taged on with uk hardcore producer SPIT as well as many other djs around new england. IN 2010 , he won the Thunderdome dj contest and was booked by just about every major crew in the northeastern United states. By 2011 he has been noticed by producers and people all around the world for his unique sense of track selection and the ability to take you on a ride you will never forget.. A sound like no other, Twist’s music style is much his own playing several different styles including uk hardcore, gabber, happy hardcore, drum and bass, ragga jungle, dubstep and now house music. With over 15 years of music experience, Twist understands that there is more to djing than just mixing two records. Backed by MAKE BELIEVE RECORDS UK,WHITENOISEHQ, CANDYFLIPT, HOMEBASS, Contact Fly,New England Hardcore Alliance, One2Watch, and PSIONIC PRODUCTIONS this new hampshire native is ready to take the world by storm.


♫ ♫ ♫ DUB PUPPIES A.K.A. Patty Wagon & Veloci Oscillator

Patty Wagon – MA.
-PSY- -Glitch- -Dubstep- -DnB-

For over ten years, this DJ has proudly served the ears of anyone willing to listen. Pumping out big mechanical bass sound of all shapes and sizes, Pattywagon is a DJ that aims to excite and bewilder you into spontaneous dance beyond any restraint of inhibition. He’ll rock your body, and then, in parenthesis, “till the break of dawn.”

Veloci Oscillator – MA.
Operation Breakbeat, Brainpain Soldiers, Flood Crew
-DubStep- -DnB-

Boston’s green monster has been mixing for over ten years hungry and lurking in the shadows waiting to ravage dance floors and feed off the crowds energy at any given time with a unique blend of styles focused around the more aggressive & energy driven side of Breaks, Jungle, Drum and Bass, Dubstep & Electro as well as several other styles of floor crushing chaos.


♫ ♫ ♫ DRUG REFERENCE – Soull Musik -RI.

A DJ of six years and producer for a decade, Nick Krowchenko A.K.A. Drug Reference takes aim at the New England E.D.M. scene with a barrage of Drum N Bass with the heaviness, but emphasis on a dynamic feel, Drug Reference keeps it fresh without compromising continuity. Though by no means a medical doctor, Drug Reference can and will prescribe the cure for what ails the hardcore Junglist.


♫ ♫ ♫ SKY1 – Scorched A.M., 413DNB, M.A.D.E. – CT.
-Mixed DnB-

Scotty aka “SKY 1″ has been an avid music junky since the age of 12 and has been a part of many CT underground music scenes including metal, hardcore, punk, and ska. He got his first dose of electronic dance music in a high school study hall in 1992 by hearing Maurice – This Is Acid (K&T Mix). He attended his first underground rave in a huge warehouse in Pakipsey, NY in 1994 and occasionally went to parties until 1998. In 1998, while attending UMASS, Amherst, he was driving in a car with his then girlfriend and asked her what Jungle was. She quickly popped in a cassette tape of DJ DB–”Live at Bass Rush” and it was total love after about three minutes. Shortly after, he started going to parties more regularly in western Mass with friends from college where he spent most of his time in the Jungle room (and still does) watching DJs perform. In 2000, he was persuaded to begin spinning by a hip hop/dnb DJ friend for the simple fact that all new Drum N Bass tracks were coming out on vinyl. He bought turntables and a mixer and started his record collection happily playing in his home for a few friends but never playing out.

In 2007, after a five year break from dnb and the rave scene, SKY 1 attended a house party in Waterbury, CT which became known as The Dawg Pound. He quickly made friends with the DJs and was influenced to start playing again. He was also amazed to hear what Drum N Bass had evolved into and began buying new records. He played his first gig in Feb. 2008 at Cybervibe in Waterbury and has been playing parties in CT, NH, and MA ever since. He will always be thankful for the people who brought him back to his love of Drum N Bass and pushed him to spin for a crowd and not just himself. He takes great pride in his diverse taste of dnb and enjoys playing newer tracks from Liquid and Ragga to Tech Step and Neuro Funk. He is passionate about mixing up his sets with different genres of dnb so you’re sure to hear something you’ll like and keep you dancing the entire set.


♫ ♫ ♫ DOM DIGITAL – Soull Musik – CT.

Domenico Gurliacci or better known as DOM DIGITAL began playing with beats and various synopsis at the age of 18, a few months later purchased technics and a mixer and started building his record collection which spans thru many genres of music. although he directs his focus to trance, breaks, house, and techno he enjoys mixing it up with the jungle sounds as well. A few years later and many sessions he met Stephon Soull and he started playing bars, lounges and house party’s and then onto the vip room at club mor before it was shut down, and also at that same time he had to hang up his headphones to focus on his family and chef career.

Now in 2011 he has come back to the game and is ready to serve you. He has already opened for Endgame DJ’S Killamonjaro and Choice P, as well as a long time party favorite Dat Funky Drumma in his homeland of Stamford CT and will soon be bringing his mixing of progressive house, hard trance, and bass heavy breaks sound to a dancefloor near you!!!


♫ ♫ ♫ VALDEE – M.A.D.E. Productions, Ravers Only, Beatdown Productions, Camelot, Hartford – CT.
-DnB- -Drumstep-

He’s been going to parties for over 10 years now and helping to orchestrate them for more than half that time. Having participated in such events like the “CandyBall” series of Brooklyn NY, “This is how we do it” in Hartford CT and his own “Clash of the Titans-NYC vs, 413″. He started out playing HHC in 03 and shifting over to DNB in 05, playing at home and house parties occassionally for friends. Just staring out but already making a name for himself on the 1s and 2s.


♫ ♫ ♫ GYLE – New Britain, CT.

Avid vinyl record collector an’ turntable style disk jockey slut fo’ 10 years–Gyle comin’ out tha G-Block bringin’ serious funk slappin’ bombs on da decks old school an’ club style. Dirty dancin’, pant rippin’, and whippin’ booty house fo’ that bangin’ azz. Listener discretion is advised cuz all y’all betta recognize.


♫ ♫ ♫ BOB BARKER – M.A.D.E., $howcase Record$- CT.

Since the late 90′s Bob Barker aka Johny P. has been playing in the background of our beloved “rave” scene. Getting his start on the dancefloor, Bob Barker traveled far and wide bringing a high energy attitude getting people amped up for the entire evening. In the early 2000 era he joined the M.A.D.E. crew as a jump up and jungle mc. He has since found his way behind the decks but without letting go of his “rave stamina” blazing heart pounding tracks that just make you wanna get up and dance. Ranging from Classic to Electro House and even a bit of Fidget, this is one dj who knows how to keep a crowd moving. In 2005 he stepped back even more to create his own production company “12 step pro sound” renamed “$hocase Sound & lights” and with his 2010 release of $howcase Record$ he has been signing new artists from all over the world and bringing them to your hometown scene. For over a decade he has shown us how to work hard and party harder in the scene capitalizing himself as a Pillar in our Community.


♫ ♫ ♫ D.J. REVERENCE -Contact Fly- NH.
-Funky House-

1. A feeling of profound awe and respect and often love; veneration. See Synonyms at honor.
2. An act showing respect, especially a bow or curtsy.
3. The state of being revered.
4. Reverence Used as a form of address for certain members of the Christian clergy: Your Reverence.
tr.v. rev·er·enced, rev·er·enc·ing, rev·er·enc·es
To consider or treat with profound awe and respect; venerate.


♫ ♫ ♫ CHANANAGAINS – Soull Musik, Contact Fly – MA.
-Happy Hardcore-

Meanwhile back at the lab… Chananagains was mixing up some hardcore beats. After 5 years of stomping dance floors this hardcore kid has a dream of rocking dance floors. she got her start promoting and helping out behind the scenes production. she moved forward to Djing local underground clubs. playing every thing from electro breakz fidget dnb and hardcore. Chananagains has made a huge impact on the rave scene. Defender of P.L.U.R. and the ol skool beliefs of R.A.V.E, Chananagains is the raver the party deserves, with her amazing track selection and her unbeatable poi skills, Chananagains has the potential to be a all around great performer.



$2.00 DRAFTS $2.00 SHOTS






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Thank you for all of you support ~ Stephon Soull =)

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